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Update by user Jul 08, 2013

UPDATE: I received back a substantial portion of the premium from the extended warranty after I cancelled it. I was also informed that the extended warranty on my wife's car is fully refundable if it is never used within 6 years or 100,000 miles, which is reassuring.

Update by user Jul 08, 2013

UPDATE: Since posting this review, Jones has agreed to replace my windshield thus saving me the $500 expense. They have also agreed to redo the joint in my soft top as shown below.

Despite the back and forth, I am glad to report Jones ultimately rectified the situation.

Original review posted by user Jun 10, 2013

Where do I start - wife and I BOTH bought new cars from them on the same day. My immediate family and I have purchased 6 cars from Jones in the past.

1.) Spent hours negotiating the price on my wife's care only to reach a deal on the WRONG car. We test drove and discussed the Limited Edition and they pull up a Latitude addition when we go to leave - had to start negotiations from scratch. They then told us her touch screen radio was navigation ready - it's not. Also told us it has in the in-dash MPG, compass, etc features and sure enough, it didn't. Should have double checked but then again I would expect a salesman to know these sorts of things but then again, it was our salesman's first week on the job, after leaving Honda, which he discussed more than the Jeep we wanted to buy. Thanks Dan.

2.) The finance officer told my wife and I we needed to buy extended warranties to lock in our interest rates only to find out a few months down the road that was a blatant lie. When I called to discuss the issue with the finance manager, I was informed our finance officer had since left received an ever telling, "Oh....," when I told the manager who did our financing. After several months of phone calls and finally stopping by in person, where I was told I would be contacted "by Friday," and never was, I finally got answers after speaking with an assistant of a general manger, Steve Smelter, who refused to rectify the situation or hold his employees accountable (I lost several hundred dollars when I discovered I was lied to and cancelled the warranty). The finance manager, Kim Kelso, habitually ended our conversations with, "you'll here from me by day-x," and I never did. When she was confronted by the assistant I spoke with, she told her she "did not get around to it," and didn't bother calling to tell me after I wasted half of my day off driving to the dealership to finally get answers from her, in person.

3.) I watched one evening while driving my car as the windshield cracked from end to end with no prior run-ins with flying rocks and was told this massive, UNSAFE crack, was from a small, 1mm sized knick in my windshield and despite the overwhelming online discussions by other wrangler owners about this issues, they still refuse to replace it. The kicker - they said if I find a glass repair shop to say it is a stress fracture, they will replace more time and gas out of my pocket, right.

4.) A hinge in my soft top broke, which again, Jones was hesitant to replace until I showed them multiple online discussions about this same issue. After receiving the car back (they pick-up/dropped it off from my house), the "mechanic" left the screw, that holds the joint in place, half way out on an angle and stripped, thus causing it to etch/dig-in to a neighboring part of the frame. I proceeded to remove the screw with a pair of vice grips and used a similar one to properly secure the joint in place - which was not difficult and took all of 1 minute (why their service team had issues is beyond me). I again contacted Jones to see how/why no one caught this half-assed repair job and all I got was, "oh, sorry - you can bring it back up if you want." Yeah, an 80 mile round trip for a screw, no thanks - I'll do it myself. Oh, not to mention, I asked the manager, Tom, while I was up there in person, to contact me (while my Jeep was up there the next day getting fixed) about touch-up paint, which could be delivered back to me with the car, and he said, no problem - I never heard a thing.

If you enjoy being ignored and treated like an inconvenience rather than a loyal patron, Jones is the place for you. "Jones for a lifetime," is a COMPLETE joke and you are better off spending your TIME and MONEY elsewhere, even if it means paying a little bit more. I'd rather pay more for a car and be treated with respect and decency than deal with Jones for future purchases.

And yes, I will be posting this in several other locations online - no one should have to deal with their lack of customer service and professionalism.

I hope this helps answers any doubts in your mind before visiting ANY of Jones dealerships.

The people I dealt with:

Tom Fields - Jeep service manager

Steve Smelter - General Manager

Kim Kelso - Finance Manager

Dan Alban - Salesman (now works in finance, hmm)

"Pete" - Finance Officer (no longer an employee).

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Decatur, Alabama, United States #953427

There are some manufacturers infamous for selling ***, then failing to respond to the legitimate complaints: Chrysler sold me a new car with defects (fuel gauge, radio, starter, etc.) which the dealer didn't fix after many visits, who advised he'd only work on the problem if I PAID FOR IT (on a car less than six months old!), and Chrysler corporate Consumer contact would not even respond to. I unfortunately couldn't use the state lemon laws because I had moved out of state right after buying the car.

Subsequently, Chrysler went under--only to be revived by an ill-advised government bail-out. It seems the best one can do is to help others avoid the same mistake, which I figure I've done by helping steer at least half-a-dozen new car purchases away from Chrysler.

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